Financial Planning and Investment Advice

CBFP offers comprehensive and ad-hoc financial advice to people of all ages, backgrounds, and net worths.


As a fiduciary, I'm committed to your best interests only. My firm is independent -- not beholden to any particular product, brokerage, or bank -- which means I'm free to give high-quality advice with no conflicts of interest. 


CBFP never takes custody of client funds; you're always in control.


• Comprehensive Financial Plan with One-Year Retainer

This service is for those looking to get their total financial life in order. You'll recieve a full financial plan, assistance with implementation, and further support for a year.


We'll start with a free, no-obligation conversation to get to know each other, talk about your goals, and see if we're a good fit. Then, you'll gather information about your current situation, refine your goals, and sign an agreement. CBFP will produce and present a complete, personalized, and actionable financial plan.


After the plan is presented and discussed, we'll make a plan for implementation. I prefer that my clients do as much implementation as they feel comfortable with, as I believe it educates and empowers clients. If you get stuck, however, I'm happy to help.


You'll also retain my further support for one year. That means that you can contact me with questions or concerns at any time without any additional charges.


• Ad-Hoc/Hourly Financial Planning

This service is for those who need help with a specific area of finance, but don't necessarily need a full financial plan. Clients usually have a specific outcome in mind when using this service. 


Examples include:


  • Rollovers 

  • Choosing specific investments for a retirement or college savings plan

  • Opening and closing accounts

  • Help with financial forms

  • Drafting a debt repayment plan

  • Determining life insurance needs

  • Discovering, consolidating, and organizing various accounts