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Financial Planning & Investment Advice



    We offer comprehensive, specific, and as-needed financial and investment advice to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and net worths. 


    We're fiduciaries, registered and licensed in Indiana. That means we're

    committed to your best interest only.


    We're also independent - free to give high-quality advice with no conflicts of interest. You know, the way it should be.



    A Simple Hourly Rate




      Our pricing is as easy as it gets: you pay a flat, hourly rate and nothing more.


      Many financial planning and investment firms recieve commissions for recommending certain products, or charge based on the size of your assets. Not us. 

      A Registered Investment Adviser, Licensed in Indiana



      We can Help




        Whether you just need to talk to someone about a specific question, or you need a complete financial overhaul and one-on-one assistance, we can help!


        We offer three levels of service:

        • Comprehensive Financial Planning that considers all areas of your financial life,

        • "As-needed" Planning/Work Sessions for advice, side-by-side help, or a second opinion.

        • Specific Financial Planning to focus on one area of your finances, 

        Licensed and Registered Fiduciaries

          Clinton Burch Financial Planning is a Registered Investment Adviser operating in Indiana.


          Clinton Burch is a licensed Investment Adviser Representative.


          That means we're bound by law to act as fiduciaries - making recommendations that are in your best interest only